Highway: Smart TV's

When Highway first started helping people with technology, ‘technology’ primarily meant a desktop computer with keyboard, mouse and monitor (laptops were very expensive in the year 2000).  How things have changed in 18 years! As you know, our support now covers tablets (iPads are predominant here) and smartphones. 

Now we’re pleased to announce a further step in helping members and other clients in getting to grips with technology: the Smart TV revolution (actually most TVs are ‘smart’, it’s just that they don’t get used that way!)

Most will get bamboozled by sales people in places like PC World and other big stores, plus going online to find out stuff is always going to be challenging without some prior knowledge.

LCD, LED, QLED, OLED, FreeSat, FreeView, YouView, HDMI, soundbars, HDR, 4K UHD … the jargon is endless!

Highway can now simplify the terminology for you and provide the best advice as to what TV is most suitable and what services (aerial, satellite, cable, internet, etc.) can give you what you want without breaking the bank!

Just like our complete set up packages for computers and iPads, we provide an all-inclusive price for acquiring a Smart TV for you, delivering, setting up to your requirement and a ‘training session’ to make sure you’re familiar with the basics!

If you’d like a brief overview of what a Smart TV really is, go to the document library and select 9750 What is a Smart TV?

Give us a call (01227 637262) or send an email (support@hilas.org.uk)  if you’re either going ‘smart’ for the first time, thinking of upgrading or simply want someone to sort out your existing system.