We have hundreds of Highway Members many of whom have been with us for years

For a monthly membership fee:

Help is only a telephone call or e-mail away

A huge range of learning and support material (videos and notes)

Peace of mind over a computer or other device

Secure Remote Support system to quickly resolve problems

Live Online Learning sessions

In addition members receive discounted rates for other services such as Home Visits and our System Check & Update Service.

Most members see Highway as their ‘insurance policy’ knowing that we’re always there to assist.

Membership is from just £10.00 per month.


BASIC Membership is just £10.00 per month and includes:

Telephone Support: never more than a telephone call away from us helping you

E-mail Support: our experts are on hand to deal with your problems and queries

Computer Clinics – bring your laptop or tablet to various locations for advice and support

Access to the Learning & Support Centre containing a wide range of training materials

Video tutorials called Screen Classes – watch, listen and learn at your own pace

PREMIUM Membership is £18.00 per month and, in addition to all the above, includes:

Free attendance at any Class Session detailed on the Calendar

Remote Support: enables us to assist you online by you allowing us (with your permission) to control your computer to resolve problems

FULL Membership is £25.00 per month and, in addition to all the above, includes:

Two System Check and Update Services per year carried out in our workshops or remotely to ensure everything is up-to-date, secure and running smoothly

Highway (Livedrive) Backup: unlimited cloud-based secure data storage and disaster recovery support should it be required

CloudCare Security and monitoring: trust us to supply and monitor your anti-virus and other security

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Learn and take some of the frustrations out of using technology