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£1,970 for charity raised by Highway members and supporters
Members and supporters Highway have raised £1,970 towards a 95-mile sponsored "push bike ride" from S...
25 May 2018 3
One view of Facebook
One of our members sent me the following: For those of my generation who do not, and cannot comprehend why Faceboo...
21 Apr 2018 0
Another telephone scam
Just when I thought I'd heard every possible ruse for criminals to get you to switch on your computer and let the...
15 Apr 2018 2
Recognise any of these definitions?
Below are some (sometimes) amusing definitions: Clicklexia: A disorder often suffered by novice computer users in ...
03 Mar 2018 0
Important major update to Windows 10
Microsoft's latest major update to Windows 10 is now being 'pushed' to computers. In the Learning & S...
30 May 2017 4
Yet another warning...
You may be getting tired of hearing Highway warn of scams, but again today in the news there is a warning about scamm...
22 Feb 2017 3
Problems with connecting to the Internet
Over the past few months, many of us may have occasionally experienced being unable to connect to the Internet w...
14 Dec 2016 4
Attach and detach files using the Thunderbird app
In the Learning & Support Centre we now have the second document in the series about Thunderbird. It de...
29 Nov 2016 0
Windows Live Mail support ends 10th January 2017
As has been discussed in the Highway Forum previously, Microsoft is ceasing support for the email app Windows Live Ma...
28 Oct 2016 0
Google - Cloud Storage
You have often heard talk about "cloud storage", attached is a picture of one of Googles Cloud Storage Faci...
07 Oct 2016 0
Windows 10 Anniversary Update problems
By now, many will have received (via the automatic updates for Windows 10) the rather large (and lengthly) Anniversar...
27 Sep 2016 0
Happy Birthday eBay!!
The online auction site eBay turns 21 this month. The company is valued at £20 billion. As an example of the po...
22 Sep 2016 0
Fake text messages targeting parents/grandparents?
One of the latest scams is for fraudsters to send out distressing messages to parents or grandparents in the hope tha...
11 Aug 2016 0
Thunderbird vs Windows Live Mail
Some members may have seen the Item in the Forum about Windows Live Mail and Microsoft's statement about it no lo...
16 Jul 2016 1
Windows Live Mail - the writing on the wall?
Microsoft have announced that any Hotmail, Live, Outlook and MSN e-mail address will cease to work with Win...
21 Jun 2016 3
Hello BBC    
14 Jun 2016 0
iPad package price reduced
With the introduction of the iPad Pro, Highway's iPad Air 2 package has now been reduced by £50 to just &po...
23 May 2016 0
CloudCare: trust us to monitor your security
For just over a year we have been monitoring the anti-virus and other security of members, our own computers and a fe...
19 Apr 2016 2
A salutary tale
Highway has recently assisted a member who was the victim of a clever scam.  Whilst surfing, a message appeared ...
16 Apr 2016 0
File Explorer - Windows 10
Another new document in the Learning & Support Centre describing files, folders and the new File Explorer in Wind...
29 Mar 2016 0
Online Member Support schedules
As you probably know, we scheduled weekly Online Member Support sessions. Due to the current lack of uptake o...
26 Mar 2016 0
Highway Forum now live
This is the new Forum for members and other registered users
09 Mar 2016 0
This was a question
02 Mar 2016 0

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