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New fonts for your publications
Do you want a different font (typeface) for any publications you are producing? Have a look at: https://fonts.goog...
03 Jul 2016 0
Online Member Support Sessions
The question has been asked, "Is it possible to access the Online Member support sessions from a tablet computer"?
01 Jul 2016 3
Pensions Wise
This is a free, impartial retirement guidance introduced recently by the Government as part of their recent changes t...
23 Jun 2016 0
Oyster Card - what's that?
Oyster is a plastic smartcard which can hold pay as you go credit, Travelcards and Bus & Tram Passes. You can use...
21 Jun 2016 0
Have you heard of Fintech?
Not something you see in the general news, but Fintech is revolutionising the way money and banks work.  It stan...
19 Jun 2016 0
Microsoft bans easy to guess passwords
Whenever you hear about a list of password being leaked, its made clear that people are still using "slack" passwords...
16 Jun 2016 1
Is the internet a safer place today?
Today it's been announced that a major source of spam and malicious e-mails has gone 'offline' (i.e. ceas...
13 Jun 2016 1
Find the visual centre of a picture
If you talk to photographers and graphic designers, they will often tell you that the visual centre of a picture is d...
10 Jun 2016 0
See artwork in high definition
I suspect that when you visit an art gallery, and stand close to a picture you will probably be warned by the curator...
10 Jun 2016 2

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