HIGHWAY BACKUP…the simplest backing up solution

Highway Learning & Support is pleased to offer an online backup and storage system for the equivalent of around 70p per week.  Your computer will perform a constant backup all the time you are connected to the Internet.  You won’t even realise it’s happening, but should you ever have a problem with your computer, Highway Backup can restore ALL your data files within minutes. Why? Because it’s important to regularly back up your essential personal files in case of terminal system failure of your computer or other catastrophe.  The beauty of Highway Backup is that it needs no action on your part: as soon as you create or amend a file, it makes a backup copy on your own secure online storage area.

Unlimited storage icon

  Truly Unlimited Backup

  No limit on storage space or bandwidth - backup as much as you want

Easy install icon

  Easy to Install

  Set it up in minutes - no technical knowledge required

Access anywhere icon

  Access Your Backups Anywhere

  View photos, videos or documents from your own a secure web portal

No hassle icons

  Completely Hassle Free

  Constantly backs up files as you work

Restore files icon

  Easily Restore At Any Time

  Log in to your account online to download any file at any time

Secure icon

  Completely Secure

  Files reside in state of the art data centres with military grade encryption

All for just £3.00 per month (if added to membership)

Non-members: £4.50/month