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Windows 10 Anniversary Update notes
At this point, there are still many who have not yet had this major 'feature update' from Microsoft.  It...
09 Nov 2016 0
Fresh Paint
Microsoft have just launched the new version of Paint. It is available from the Microsoft Store. Open the Store and s...
02 Nov 2016 0
Online banking - a guide to staying secure
There is a new document in the Learning & Support Centre about online banking.  Click here to view it. Ma...
31 Oct 2016 0
Windows Live Mail support ends 10th January 2017
As has been discussed in the Highway Forum previously, Microsoft is ceasing support for the email app Windows Live Ma...
28 Oct 2016 0
Applying effects to pictures - SuperPhoto Free
This app, SuperPhoto Free, lets you apply hundreds of effects to your images and then refine the results. To get the ...
25 Oct 2016 0
Windows 10 Anniversary Update problems
By now, many will have received (via the automatic updates for Windows 10) the rather large (and lengthly) Anniversar...
27 Sep 2016 0
BBC iPlayer announcement
The BBC has announced that users of the iPlayer will have to log in with a personal account from sometime next year.&...
27 Sep 2016 0
Happy Birthday eBay!!
The online auction site eBay turns 21 this month. The company is valued at £20 billion. As an example of the po...
22 Sep 2016 0
HP printers and cartridges
I'm not sure how many Highway members have HP printers and whether they use genuine (expensive?) HP cartridges or...
20 Sep 2016 0
Using Artificial Intelligence in art!
At the beginning of 2016 a newspaper carried a photograph of a New Years party and compared it to a well known painti...
19 Sep 2016 1
iPad and iPhone users: iOS 10 is available
If you have an iPad or iPhone you will see that there is an update to the operating system available: the long awaiti...
14 Sep 2016 0
06 Sep 2016 0
Useful keyboard combinations
This is just a preview of what can be achieved by using key combinations on your computer keyboard when using Windows...
26 Aug 2016 2
Telephone scam
My mother has just received an automated phone call which said it was from HMRC. That they were filing a law suit aga...
09 Aug 2016 2
Dell Vostro secondhand 17" laptop: £70
In working order with Windows 10 and all the usual Highway apps installed including AVG Free.  17" scr...
29 Jul 2016 0
The end of the VCR
Around 45 years after the first Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) hit the market, the last ones are rolling off the ...
27 Jul 2016 0
Delivery by drone
In the news today... Amazon have been given the go-ahead by the Government for trial areas where drones (tech...
26 Jul 2016 3
Windows Live Mail Error ID: ox800cccoF
During the past week I have had problems receiving Emails with the above error notice being displayed. Possible caus...
21 Jul 2016 4
Full screen nag
Microsoft are stepping up their quest to get more to upgrade to Windows 10 for free.  There is now a full screen...
05 Jul 2016 0
New fonts for your publications
Do you want a different font (typeface) for any publications you are producing? Have a look at: https://fonts.goog...
03 Jul 2016 0
Internet Explorer
Can I still Internet Explorer in Windows 10?
24 Jun 2016 0
Internet explorer
Can I still use internet explorer in windows 10
Foxglove from Highway
24 Jun 2016 0
k am good
Buttercup from Highway
24 Jun 2016 0
internet explorer
Can I stilled Internet Explorer?
Clover from Highway
24 Jun 2016 0
internet explorer
When will everybody need to have WINDOWS 10 ?
Crocus from Highway
24 Jun 2016 0

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