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Instruction Manuals
Can anybody give me a web site that I can print off an instruction manual for a ride on Kubota mower. Thanking you i...
23 Nov 2016 1
Windows 10 Anniversary Update notes
At this point, there are still many who have not yet had this major 'feature update' from Microsoft.  It...
09 Nov 2016 0
Fresh Paint
Microsoft have just launched the new version of Paint. It is available from the Microsoft Store. Open the Store and s...
02 Nov 2016 0
Online banking - a guide to staying secure
There is a new document in the Learning & Support Centre about online banking.  Click here to view it. Ma...
31 Oct 2016 0
Windows Live Mail support ends 10th January 2017
As has been discussed in the Highway Forum previously, Microsoft is ceasing support for the email app Windows Live Ma...
28 Oct 2016 0
Applying effects to pictures - SuperPhoto Free
This app, SuperPhoto Free, lets you apply hundreds of effects to your images and then refine the results. To get the ...
25 Oct 2016 0
Google - Cloud Storage
You have often heard talk about "cloud storage", attached is a picture of one of Googles Cloud Storage Faci...
07 Oct 2016 0
Test iPad post
04 Oct 2016 0
How much do you take notice of online reviews?
These days most will check out the reviews of a product or service online before committing to a purchase – eve...
04 Oct 2016 0
10 Downing Street - Google Street view
Have you ever wanted to look inside 10 Downing Street? Well now you can. For the first time in it's 320 year hist...
03 Oct 2016 3
24 ways to cut your car insurance premiums
Whether you're buying a new car or your current car insurance policy is ending, it's important to shop around...
24 Sep 2016 0
HP printers and cartridges
I'm not sure how many Highway members have HP printers and whether they use genuine (expensive?) HP cartridges or...
20 Sep 2016 0
Smart Home Technology Gadgets - Wireless Door/Window Sensor
These monitor your doors and windows that alerts you to any intrusive activity detected. You can easily monitor your ...
16 Sep 2016 0
Smart Home Technology Gadgets - Bediator
An intelligent room heating technology that provides the ideal room temperature during bitter winter season, can help...
16 Sep 2016 0
Do you need a source of high quality, free, photographs for any work you are doing? Take a look at https://commons.wi...
16 Sep 2016 0
Windows 10 Feature Update
If you haven't already received this major update, it is likely that it will be downloaded soon to your computer....
14 Sep 2016 0
Smart Home Technology Gadgets - Robotic alarm
This smart alarm clock runs away and hides as it continues to beep until you get off your bed.  
02 Sep 2016 0
Smart Home Technology Gadgets - Robot vacuum cleaners
Floor cleaning and vacuuming made easier.  The latest is a 3-dimensional home cleaning solution that has smart t...
02 Sep 2016 0
The latest in Smart Home Technology Gadgets
1. Robot vacuum cleaners Floor cleaning and vacuuming made easiercuum cleaners.  The latest is a 3-dimens...
02 Sep 2016 0
Useful keyboard combinations
This is just a preview of what can be achieved by using key combinations on your computer keyboard when using Windows...
26 Aug 2016 2
Know your consumer rights before shopping on the internet
The latest research has found in the last year, more than 3.5 million Brits' packages have gone mis...
25 Aug 2016 0
Fake text messages targeting parents/grandparents?
One of the latest scams is for fraudsters to send out distressing messages to parents or grandparents in the hope tha...
11 Aug 2016 0
Wi-fi problems? How to improve your signal
A wireless network lets you get online from your laptop, tablet or smartphone anywhere within your home, without conn...
03 Aug 2016 1
Dell Vostro secondhand 17" laptop: £70
In working order with Windows 10 and all the usual Highway apps installed including AVG Free.  17" scr...
29 Jul 2016 0
Windows 10 Anniversary Update
Anytime after 2 August all Windows 10 computers will have available an 'Anniversary Update', just over a year...
29 Jul 2016 5

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