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Children growing up with technology - politely!
Just appeared in the BBC website technology section, this just shows how speech recognition and 'smart assistants...
25 Apr 2018 1
The future for mobile phones?
You know that feeling when you have a mobile phone and the battery has nearly run out. Amazon have the answer. Their ...
Chris R Anthony
02 Sep 2017 0
I have tried to print a coloured table from the internet and have been informed I have to turn on the background colo...
12 Mar 2017 2
anne luckett
I have been making a family tree for some years on ancestry, I would like to put my work onto my computer. would a f...
10 Feb 2017 2
Instruction Manuals
Can anybody give me a web site that I can print off an instruction manual for a ride on Kubota mower. Thanking you i...
23 Nov 2016 1
The future of delivery is a driverless, electric, drone-carrying van
Or so Mercedes-Benz think as they unveiled plans to create a delivery van that combines electric, driverless, and dro...
16 Sep 2016 0
Smart Home Technology Gadgets - Bediator
An intelligent room heating technology that provides the ideal room temperature during bitter winter season, can help...
16 Sep 2016 0

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