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Smart Home Technology Gadjets - Shower meter
This self-powered energy and water meter for your shower claims to save 440 kWh of energy and 8,500 liters of water e...
02 Sep 2016 0
Smart Home Technology Gadgets - ThinQ Refrigerator
ThinQ is a super capacity 3-door refrigerator with an eight-inch Wi-Fi LCD screen. The touch screen monitor interacts...
02 Sep 2016 0
Smart Home Technology Gadgets - Wireless LED light bulbs
These high-quality energy saving LED lights are controlled with the help of a mobile app through a Wi-Fi bridge. You ...
02 Sep 2016 0
Smart Home Technology Gadgets - Robotic alarm
This smart alarm clock runs away and hides as it continues to beep until you get off your bed.  
02 Sep 2016 0
Smart Home Technology Gadgets - Robot vacuum cleaners
Floor cleaning and vacuuming made easier.  The latest is a 3-dimensional home cleaning solution that has smart t...
02 Sep 2016 0
Know your consumer rights before shopping on the internet
The latest research has found in the last year, more than 3.5 million Brits' packages have gone mis...
25 Aug 2016 0
A guide to the different types of printer
The different types of printers available to you today can be confusing; from pint-sized portable photo printers ...
25 Aug 2016 0
What is - Artificial Intelligence?
Have you ever heard the statement ‘Artificial Intelligence’ or AI – well here I try and explain wha...
11 Aug 2016 0
Telephone scam
My mother has just received an automated phone call which said it was from HMRC. That they were filing a law suit aga...
09 Aug 2016 2
Wi-fi problems? How to improve your signal
A wireless network lets you get online from your laptop, tablet or smartphone anywhere within your home, without conn...
03 Aug 2016 1
Dell Vostro secondhand 17" laptop: £70
In working order with Windows 10 and all the usual Highway apps installed including AVG Free.  17" scr...
29 Jul 2016 0
Windows 10 Anniversary Update
Anytime after 2 August all Windows 10 computers will have available an 'Anniversary Update', just over a year...
29 Jul 2016 5
Report Fraud and Cyber Crime
Fraud (and cyber-crime) is when trickery is used to gain a dishonest advantage, which is often financial, over anothe...
27 Jul 2016 0
The end of the VCR
Around 45 years after the first Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) hit the market, the last ones are rolling off the ...
27 Jul 2016 0
Delivery by drone
In the news today... Amazon have been given the go-ahead by the Government for trial areas where drones (tech...
26 Jul 2016 3
Windows Live Mail Error ID: ox800cccoF
During the past week I have had problems receiving Emails with the above error notice being displayed. Possible caus...
21 Jul 2016 4
address Mail
I have found a strange address in my address book ( echo sound test service ) I do not know who they are and I have b...
18 Jul 2016 1
Thunderbird vs Windows Live Mail
Some members may have seen the Item in the Forum about Windows Live Mail and Microsoft's statement about it no lo...
16 Jul 2016 1
Banking customers targeted by Smishing
The latest information coming out of the ‘Action Fraud’ website reports victims having receiving text mes...
08 Jul 2016 0
Full screen nag
Microsoft are stepping up their quest to get more to upgrade to Windows 10 for free.  There is now a full screen...
05 Jul 2016 0
Microsoft bans easy to guess passwords
Whenever you hear about a list of password being leaked, its made clear that people are still using "slack" passwords...
16 Jun 2016 1
Is the internet a safer place today?
Today it's been announced that a major source of spam and malicious e-mails has gone 'offline' (i.e. ceas...
13 Jun 2016 1
Find the visual centre of a picture
If you talk to photographers and graphic designers, they will often tell you that the visual centre of a picture is d...
10 Jun 2016 0
See artwork in high definition
I suspect that when you visit an art gallery, and stand close to a picture you will probably be warned by the curator...
10 Jun 2016 2

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