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Introducing ATERA
** After a year of hard work... ------------------------------------------------------------ ** Welcome to AT...
10 Aug 2019 1
Regards windows update
I notice Joan as received information to tell her the update is now available to be installed The original informat...
21 Jun 2019 0
In the news!
When you think of news reels, do you immediately think of British Pathe? Thanks to a new deal with Reuters, this site...
29 Jul 2018 0
Enstella Live Mail Contacts Converter Software
Enstella Live Mail Contacts Converter Software convert contacts.edb file to PST within seconds. This is easy and simp...
20 Jul 2018 0
Windows 10 Anniversary Update notes
At this point, there are still many who have not yet had this major 'feature update' from Microsoft.  It...
09 Nov 2016 0
Windows 10 Feature Update
If you haven't already received this major update, it is likely that it will be downloaded soon to your computer....
14 Sep 2016 0
Windows 10 Anniversary Update
Anytime after 2 August all Windows 10 computers will have available an 'Anniversary Update', just over a year...
29 Jul 2016 5
message- failed to connect to group policy service
I have had a problem opening up and getting a pop up message as above. I have looked on the web at a windows 10 help ...
20 Jul 2016 2
Windows 10 Anniversary Edition
Microsoft have just announced the release date for this update. It will be available on August 2nd. It contains upgra...
04 Jul 2016 4
Yet more things to do with Cortana
For other things you can try with Cortana, look at the following from the "How to Geek Forum": http://ww...
03 Jul 2016 0
More things to do with Cortana
Did you know that you can use Cortana as a calculator? To try this out, go to the Cortana search box (bottom left of ...
Chris R Anthony
22 Jun 2016 2
my opion
do not know much about windows 10
Buttercup from Highway
16 Jun 2016 0
England for ever bring back Nobby Stiles
1966 once again
Clover from Highway
16 Jun 2016 0
England for ever.
Dandelion from Highway
16 Jun 2016 0
Test 2
Test Test
27 Apr 2016 1
Test 2
Test 2
27 Apr 2016 0
27 Apr 2016 0
Free upgrade
Will Microsoft extend the July deadline for free upgrade to Windows 10 for those with Windows 7 and 8?
15 Apr 2016 1
New notes in the Learning & Support Centre
There is a new document in the Learning & Support Centre about WIndows 10 user accounts. Log in (if you&#...
28 Mar 2016 0
Delaying W10 upgrade
Steve Whitmore has just posted this: Right-click on the Windows 10 icon in the notification area. If you ha...
08 Mar 2016 1

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