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Avast Update
For those of you that ket Training Highway take care of your Antivirus and online security there is an update that is...
10 Aug 2019 0
Introducing ATERA
** After a year of hard work... ------------------------------------------------------------ ** Welcome to AT...
10 Aug 2019 1
Latest Windows Update 1903
Microsoft have started its roll out of the latest Windows update. This is version 1903. It may not be available to ev...
28 May 2019 3
iOS 11.2
This morning I thought that my iPad had died, I couldn’t get it to charge at all. The technician at Carphone Warehou...
06 Dec 2017 0
Suspect Amazon E-mails.
I have recently received a suspect e-mail supposedly from Amazon, starting with "Dear Mr. Hughes" and going on about ...
02 Sep 2017 1
scam phone calls
I have had a . number of scam calls purporting to be from TalkTalk.as has a friend. They do not seem to address me by...
19 May 2017 1
Those with a btinternet.com email should read this
As a result of the massive Yahoo hack (see our Forum Item on 16th December), btinternet.com customers have been asked...
21 Dec 2016 0
Email Scams.
I have received an "authentic" looking e-mail from a firm I last used 2 years ago informing me that my bill of £204.9...
02 Dec 2016 0
Fake text messages targeting parents/grandparents?
One of the latest scams is for fraudsters to send out distressing messages to parents or grandparents in the hope tha...
11 Aug 2016 0
Report Fraud and Cyber Crime
Fraud (and cyber-crime) is when trickery is used to gain a dishonest advantage, which is often financial, over anothe...
27 Jul 2016 0
address Mail
I have found a strange address in my address book ( echo sound test service ) I do not know who they are and I have b...
18 Jul 2016 1
More sophisticated e-mail scams
Another way of tricking you into opening an attachment to an e-mail came to my Inbox this morning: I've ne...
30 Mar 2016 0
Test the add item
From a registered Forum User
Crocus from Highway
28 Mar 2016 1
Bogus telephone calls
“Hello, this is the Microsoft Technical Windows Department. We have just seen that your computer has a serious ...
17 Mar 2016 1
Warning message
Accessing the iCloud Photo Library from a computer Log into your iCloud account using: www.icloud.com Enter your A...
Fern from Highway
17 Mar 2016 1
This was a question...
Test 2
02 Mar 2016 0

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