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Problems with connecting to the Internet

Over the past few months, many of us may have occasionally experienced being unable to connect to the Internet with our Windows 10 machines.

There has been a lot of online 'chatter' in the technosphere and it seems that Microsoft have just released an update to correct this problem.  The company are usually tight-lipped about any problems with their software so will rarely admit any 'fault' on their part.  Often a Windows update can fix something and inadvertently 'break' something else.

We hope that this is the end of this particular problem.

Your Windows 10 computer will automatically check for updates and this particular one (ref. KB3206632) should download and be installed on your computer over the next few days.  If you want to do a manual check for updates, click the Start button, choose the Settings icon (the one above the Power button), then select Update and Security.  You can then use the Check for Updates button to instigate the process.  Your computer will usually require a restart after the installation.

Phil on 14/12/16
Phil on 15/12/16
We're now not sure if this Windows update does fix the problem.

So please keep your eye on this Item in the Forum for updates as and when we have found out more.

Chris R Anthony on 27/12/16
I have been checking this problem on several computers. It looks like it only affects those computers that are using a wireless connection. So far, any computers "hard wired" using an Ethernet cable have not been affected. I have also posted several comments on the Microsoft Insider forum, and the replies indicate that this is a "known" problem. I'm still waiting for a definitive answer.

Chris Anthony

Chris R Anthony on 6/1/17
Just finished upgrading the East Kent network of computers and so far they are all connecting to the wireless network with no problems. It is starting to look as if Microsoft may have fixed the problem. Still looking at the problem as I am not too sure which of the updates resolved the problem.

Chris R Anthony on 12/2/17
It is starting to look as if, despite Microsofts' work, that occasionally, we are still seeing this problem. I have recently updated the East Kent training network and there was another network driver update from Microsoft. At this stage, as I have only worked on Dell computers, I'm not certain if the new download is working for other manufactured computers.
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