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Fake text messages targeting parents/grandparents?
One of the latest scams is for fraudsters to send out distressing messages to parents or grandparents in the hope tha...
11 Aug 2016 0
Nuisance calls and texts
Chris has written a very good article about how to avoid being pestered and potentially scammed.  The criminals&...
11 Jul 2016 4
CloudCare: trust us to monitor your security
For just over a year we have been monitoring the anti-virus and other security of members, our own computers and a fe...
19 Apr 2016 2
A salutary tale
Highway has recently assisted a member who was the victim of a clever scam.  Whilst surfing, a message appeared ...
16 Apr 2016 0
This was a question
02 Mar 2016 0
02 Mar 2016 3

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