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More sophisticated e-mail scams

Another way of tricking you into opening an attachment to an e-mail came to my Inbox this morning:

I've never heard of Jason Denby, but the live4more.com is a genuine domain, so this has been 'spoofed' to make it look as though it's from a genuine company (there amy of may not be someone called Jason Denby).

The new trick here though is the name of my colleague Steve Whitmore inserted into the attachment name, which makes it a little more credible.

The zipped folder copy_Steve.Whitmore_052588.zip is a way of trying to disguise a virus ‚Äč(which is why my anti-virus app didn't pick it up and quarantine it).

So, as always, beware of opening any attachment that you're not sure of - even if it has the name of someone you know in the attachment name.

Phil on 30/3/16
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