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Forthcoming change to Windows 11

I note that a new version of Windows is coming out , Windows 11, despite what was said when 10 appeared.Will THWay be giving some advice about it in the future and avoiding unnecessary worry with a new system please?

Reginald on 27/6/21
Philip on 28/6/21
I too have heard about the new Windows 11 plus it was suggested that Skype would no longer be available on Windows 11. I hope that HILAS will indeed keep us up to date with this news.

Reginald on 30/6/21
I say Philip, are you and I the only ones looking at Forum? You don't think Training Highway have all died of Covid do you? Or perhaps they've all gone on holiday abroad and can't return with the restrictions. I might try ringing Steve as I was able to get him recently over a small problem with my subjects when opening being altered by Microsoft somehow.

Reginald on 30/6/21
I did check with Steve and it seems no one is particularly using this forum so it's not being monitored. He says that my older computer will not be able to be updated but the newer one might be ; but he;s sending me a link to a microsoft website to tell me if it's compatable. Otherwise in 4 years time you'll have to have a new computer.(Perhaps that's what it's all about). Incidentally I read that the Skype will not be installed as standard on w11 but you will be able to put it on as an option.

Philip on 4/7/21
Many thanks for that, I sent a message via TH on this subject but have not received any reply yet. As you say, it looks like it's beginning to unravel a little bit.
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