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Introducing ATERA

** After a year of hard work... ------------------------------------------------------------ ** Welcome to ATERA! ------------------------------------------------------------ The next bit of this email is a bit technical but please take the time to read and allow us to add this free service to your machine! We have a new fantastic feature joining out packages. Don’t worry it doesn’t cost extra! It is a tool called Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM). We will slowly be releasing it out to all our Highway Learning and Support members. This could be at one of out many classes which can be found by clicking through to the calendar. What is this tool and what does it do? Great question! This tool allows us to monitor how your laptop or desktop is functioning. It checks for updates for your machine and pushes them out automatically. It removes all temporary/junk files from your machine in the background. If it notices your hard drive is getting full, it will raise a ticket with our ticketing system. If you would like a bit of software removed from you machine, this tool allows us to uninstall it without connecting in. Below are a few other options that this tool can do remotely: • Create a System Restore Point • Delete Temporary Files • Delete your Internet History • Reboot your computer • Shutdown your computer • Defragment (All disks) • Run Checkdisk (All disks) • Run Full System virus Scan • Check for New Updates • Run Windows Update: All / Critical / Important / Security. • Run Windows Update: Service Pack • Install Microsoft Office Updates • Install Driver Updates (Hardware) • Install Java updates • Install Adobe updates • Hardware distribution • Software inventory • Type Operating System • Antivirus type, update and license status • Hard drive Usage and alerting on upgrade required • Hardware (CPU, Memory) type, size and alert on upgrade required • Detailed Workstation configuration and status • Device Health at a glance • Machine health Too much to understand or have any further questions? Call Us on 01227 637262 or email us on support@hilas.org.uk his is a FANTASTIC new service that has been in the making for a LONG time, this takes away the stresses of ensuring your updates are completed and allows us to monitor your system more effectively. This is a FREE service for all members, please take advantage of this and contact us today to organise the installation!

DanielFriend on 10/8/19
DanielFriend on 26/9/19
The response to this has been HUGE! please bear with us while we catch up with the number of installs we have for this!
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