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Another telephone scam

Just when I thought I'd heard every possible ruse for criminals to get you to switch on your computer and let them in... one came up today from a Highway associate who was telephoned by someone from the Government CyberCrime Unit and told his email was being used by criminals for 'wrong purposes'.  There is a National Cyber Crime Unit (part of the National Crime Agency) but in no way would they telephone you and ask you to switch on your computer so they could 'show you what to do'.

Again, NEVER, EVER ALLOW ANYONE TO HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR COMPUTER with the exception of one of our Highway technicians. 

Phil on 15/4/18
Lesley on 16/4/18
Thank you Phil as ever for looking after all your Highway Members. Lesley

Anne1 on 19/4/18
It is not only computer scams to be aware of, a friend was taken in by a telephone call from a supposed detective of the fraud squad saying her card had been copied and to phone and check he was genuine. Of course they did not hang up and she was talking to the accomplice when she redialled.
They are up to all tricks.
Anne L
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