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Another reason to avoid Currys/PC World

BBC News item today: "Currys PC World has apologised after customers complained they were pressured into paying up to £40 in set-up fees for a new laptop."

The 'KnowHow' team' need a suffix to their strap line: "KnowHow... to Stitch up Customers" (or set-them-up?)

See the full article here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-43418774‚Äč 

When Highway does a computer set up as part of our complete package price, we spend hours removing hosts of unnecessary apps, add ons and other junk, then thoroughly test the machine, deliver it to your home, transfer data from your existing computer, making sure that you're fully aware of security and backup systems. 

What PC World does is optimise all the advertising (from which it gets kick-backs from the suppliers/developers) so you're plagued with upgrading this, adding on that... What a disgrace! 

When I think what Highway does for its members as part of our complete package, it makes you realise just how inadequate other companies' so-called set-up add ons are.  But I would say that anyway...!


Phil on 16/3/18
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