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Refreshing the basics - online sessions

This series of sessions is designed to review what you already know, but more importantly to refresh those things which you may have forgotten. It will also introduce you to new apps (programs) which will augment your arsenal of apps that you may already use. The dates and subjects to be covered are:

1. Painting and Drawing – November 9th 2017

2. Writing a document – December14th 2017

3. The Web – January 11th 2018

4. Emailing – February 8th 2018

5. Photos – March 8th 2018

6. Managing your computer – April 12th 2018

Chris on 24/10/17
Philip on 11/11/17
I've installed the paint.net and have tried to find my way around it but I guess it'll take time. I'm looking forward to a more detailed session / recording on how to do things with it in time as I feel it will be an improvement to Picasa. Thanks for this information. Phil.

Chris R Anthony on 15/1/18
You can get tutorials on using Paint.Net here https://forums.getpaint.net/forum/18-tutorials-publishing-only/
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