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Important major update to Windows 10

Microsoft's latest major update to Windows 10 is now being 'pushed' to computers. In the Learning & Support Centre there are notes (thanks to Bernard Fuller) that describe the update process.  Click here to view the document.

The process may take a few hours to install, but there are no significant changes to the way your computer will look and feel, but 'under the bonnet' there are significant security and functional improvements. 

Phil on 30/5/17
Philip on 30/5/17
Many thanks indeed for this news and to Bernard and I'll now wait for my notification. Phil.

Joan on 31/5/17
I have received the creator windows 10 update for my laptop and thanks to the notes from Bernard I have completed the update without any problems. I feel sure that as a Highway member myself members will find the notes from Bernard very helpful when updating and wish them all the very best.

DanielFriend on 2/7/17
Well Done to Bernard, the notes are fantastic.

Chris R Anthony on 2/9/17
The latest version of Windows 10 will now start installing on computers after October 10th. This is the Creators Update Fall Edition!! The "Microsoft Insiders" are already testing Redmond 4 (Next version of Windows 10) which is due in March 2018
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