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Speeding fines and penalties to increase

With effect from the 24th Apr 17 fines and/or penalties for the more serious speeding offences are set to rise in order to better reflect the gravity of the offence and how the courts view them.

Currently the minimum penalty you can expect to receive for speeding is a £100 fine and 3 penalty points added to your license, but from Monday, magistrates in England and Wales can apply heavier speeding fines and penalties for the most serious offenders.

Satnav users, especially those with speed limit indicators, are being warned to update their devices as soon as possible, as harsher speeding fines from next week will mean out of date information could end up costing you thousands.  If unsure how to update your current Sat Nav then contact your nearest Highway Support Session who can assist you (details of the sessions are in the Highway Calendar).

For more details on the changes to the law have a look at the following site (courtesy of Saga Motoring):

Saga Motoring

Ian on 21/4/17
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