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News about Fake News

Fake News has been news for a few months now.  Fuelled by the ease with which people can post stories on the internet, false stories are making headlines throughout many different channels including the social media giants Facebook and Twitter.  Even if you don’t use these, you are likely to stumble across web pages with false information simply by searching with Google or other search engines. 

However, technology and people are fighting back.   There are two recent examples of companies trying to stem and expose the flow of untruths. Google has announced that it will highlight ‘authoritative sources’ in search results using an algorithm (a set of rules and calculations to solve a problem or give advice).  Facebook is using a different approach by trying to educate people to become more discerning about what they read and believe (they are placing ‘How to spot fake news’ links on people’s Facebook pages).

Perhaps we should append a phrase to make the adage: ‘lies, damned lies, statistics and fake news’.

Phil on 8/4/17
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