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Yet another warning...

You may be getting tired of hearing Highway warn of scams, but again today in the news there is a warning about scammers taking control of computers​.  See http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-39040126

You should ALWAYS REFUSE any offer to take over your computer remotely (apart from us).  If you're a Highway member, we're always here to assist.  So always make us your first port of call!

Phil on 22/2/17
Philip on 22/2/17
Always good to receive warnings although long time users of computers should be fully aware of them by now. I for one always check first with T.H.

Chris R Anthony on 22/2/17
In an effort to help Hilas members more, I have just finished a course on Cyber Security, with the second part Cyber Security in the home to follow in March. The first course has really opened my eyes as to how hackers and scammers work. Hopefully the knowledge I have gained will be useful.

Joanna on 23/2/17
Will be interested to hear what you learned about on your course Chris. Jo.W
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