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Facebook and privacy

Is there such a thing as privacy on Facebook; well yes there is, but it very much depends on how you use it…..

The aim here is to give you some tips without going into much detail (and making this a very boring topic) on how exactly to alter your settings.


To minimize the amount of information that ends up on your timeline:

  • Review the apps that have the ability to post and remove the posting ability for those that don’t need it.
  • With every post you make yourself, consider for which audience you are posting. Do you want the whole world to know or just family and friends?  See the diagram below for further details (right click to make it larger)
  • Don’t add your location unless it’s relevant.
  • Do not tag other people without their permission and ask them to do the same for you.


Interest-based advertising uses cookies and metadata from other sites.  This is almost like having someone looking over your shoulder and they can learn a lot about what you are interested in, based on those ads.

A good article how to view and adjust your ad preferences is contain on the Malwarebytes Labs site on the following link – ‘How can I view and adjust my ad preferences?

Using Facebook login credentials on other sites

Some sites will offer to log you in using your Facebook credentials.

The same reasoning that is true for using a different password for every site is true for using your Facebook credentials to login at other sites.

If anyone gets a hold of the one password that controls them all, you’re in even bigger trouble than you would be if only one sites’ password got compromised.

Post content

Unfortunately there are predators out there, lurking to abuse any information that you give them.

Obvious information that should not be posted in public on Facebook:

  • phone number

  • credit card and banking details

  • rants about work related stuff

  • photographs of your children

  • social security number

  • nudity in general

  • passwords, not even hints about them

  • when you will be away for holiday

  • where your children go to school

  • license plates

  • relationship changes and problems

  • embarrassing information or pictures about yourself or your friends

  • your address (although that is usually easy to find in another way)


I have only touched on some points where you might be able to improve your privacy on Facebook and other social media as most of the above does not apply to Facebook alone.

You may, and don’t have to, agree with all of them, but it’s good to take a step back and look at your own social media behaviour every now and then.

For additional advice on this, and similar matter, contact Highway technicians during Support Session (full details of when and where are contained in the Highway Calendar).

Ian on 25/8/16


Chris R Anthony on 26/8/16
For further information look at document 9150 - "Facebook, the Marmite of the computer world", in the document library. Whilst it is, currently, out of date, I'm in the process of rewriting it.

Derrick1 on 30/9/16
thanks .derrick cannon
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