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Nuisance calls and texts

Chris has written a very good article about how to avoid being pestered and potentially scammed.  The criminals are becoming even more convincing when they telephone.  So always be alert... and extremely sceptical about anyone phoning you saying that they are from your bank, Microsoft, your internet provider, etc. Simply put the phone down and don't even engage in conversation with them.  And never allow them to take over your computer! 

Chris' article is in the Learning & Support Centre.  Just click here to view it.

Phil on 11/7/16
Philip on 11/7/16
I registered with the TPS many years ago but still get a minimum of 10 unsolicited calls daily, I was recently told this service only lasted for about 6 months and then you had to re-register, if correct it's pointless. I now have a caller display 'phone and if I don't recognise the number I let it ring and if they then want to leave a message they can, very few do.
Phil Hughes.

Chris on 14/7/16
Following the publication of this document a new scam has been identified. This is in relation to calls that come from the "Telephone Preference System". In a recent call somebody was contacted by the "TPS", they became concerned when the caller did not quote the their name or post code correctly. The purpose of these calls is to trick you into paying for your details on TPS to be updated. Again the advice has to be, put the phone down and do not engage in conversation. If you do get contacted in this way, let TPS know.

Phil on 15/7/16
In response to Phil Hughes' comments, you don't have to re-register every 6 months. I just wonder where Phil was 'recently told' this.

Unfortunately the TPS only controls those companies who subscribe to its code. I would assume that the nuisance calls that Phil is receiving come from rogue organisations (many of whom are criminals trying to scam people). It's almost impossible to stop these as they often use random dialling systems or maybe a rogue organisation is passing/selling the telephone number to others - a bit like when your e-mail address gets passed between various spammers.

Chris on 2/11/16
If you need to learn more about how to protect yourself when using the internet and your computer, have a look at the web site "Get Safe Online" - https://www.getsafeonline.org/
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