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Banking customers targeted by Smishing

The latest information coming out of the ‘Action Fraud’ website reports victims having receiving text messages, purporting to be from their banks, advising them that new direct debit have been set up. The messages ask victims to contact the bank on a number provided if these haven’t been authorised. 

When the victim contacts the “bank” they are asked to provide personal details. Fraudsters then take control of the account and send payments. You should always call your bank using a number from a bank statement or a verified source, not a text message.

Scam text messages can take any form, over the last weekend a number of people spoke out on social media after receiving personalised text messages claiming to be from Apple. The attached example is from a text sent to Radio presenter David Vitty (left click to make it larger)!

These texts are very convincing as they use victim’s full name. Clicking the link takes you through to a fake website, where you are asked to enter your username and password. 

For better protection on your Apple ID account, if not already done, you can visit the link given and following the instructions:  

Alternatively, as a Highway Member, you can visit your nearest Members Support session (details in the Calander) for free, impartial advice and assistance to further improve your security.

Ian on 8/7/16

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