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New browser pop up window scam

In the press today, people are being warned about a new scam (or a variation of other scams) where a pop up window appears when browsing the Web.  It purports to come from your ISP (broadband provider) telling you that your computer is infected and to telephone a freefone number.

There is evidence that the scammers can work out which ISP you are with, so the message in the pop up seems more believable.

NEVER call a number (even a freefone one) that appears on your screen.  It will always be a scam.The problem is that the so-called 'technical support' can be very believable, so the key is not to engage in conversation (the same advice is to put the phone down if you get a call from 'technical support').

If a pop up as described appears on your screen, immediatley ​switch off your computer.  If when switching on again the pop up reappears, shut it down again and seek help.

Highway members will obviously call 01227 637262 for genuine technical support to deal with the problem.

Phil on 22/6/16
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